Ravensbergen Food is a manufacturer for high quality cereal bars and baked granola bars for over 30 years. We use high quality raw materials in our products. Our experienced trained employees work with the highest standards on hygiene and food safety. We have our own modern laboratory for innovative product developments and extensive quality control.  
Ravensbergen Food is a part of Haco AG since 2012, due to this we can share knowledge and product developments with our two sister companies in Austria and Switzerland. 


Muesli bars

We produce cereal bars in various shapes and sizes and develop the tastiest new bars, with additives such as fruit pieces, nuts, seeds and chocolate. We are happy to think along about ways to reduce the sugar, fat and salt content, without compensating for taste.


Baked Granola bars

 In our oven we bake the most delicious crunchy granola bars. These crunchy baked bars contain at least 50% oats. We produce them in multiple flavour varieties. 


To guarantee the quality of our products, we are audited by external auditors. We also work with organizations to certify our products according to sustainable initiatives.


More information on our quality page.



Product Development

Create your own product

in six steps

Looking for a bar to successfully enter the market? Choose a favourite bar from our range or we can develop something tailored to your specific needs.

Our own brand Muesli+

Muesli+ Salted Caramel NEW.PNG
Muesli+ Coconut NEW.PNG
M+ Oat & Nut.PNG
Muesli+ Ginger.PNG
Muesli+ Crunchy Chocolate.PNG


We at HACO Custom-Made Snacks innovate your snack products, thanks to our use of advanced technological solutions at group level.