Ravensbergen Food produces cereal bars in many variations: with fruit, chocolate, nuts and grains. We can provide the bars with a delicious and decorative yogurt or chocolate drizzle and base. We are always working on product developments for new flavours, healthier options and customers’ requests. A few of our cereal bars contain chocolate or hazelnuts with the UTZ certified, Rainforest Alliance Certified or Fairtrade certificate.


The crunchy granola bars are baked bars in combination with delicious flavours such as honey, cinnamon, chocolate, ginger or maple syrup. The granola bars are high in fibre because of the high quantity of oats per bar.


Approximately 75% of our production is under Private Label for retailers all over Europe. The rest we produce under our own label Muesli+ and Ravensbergen.


Cereal bars


Crunchy Granola bars

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Our own brand Muesli+

The assortment contains cereal bars, crunchy granola bars and Oat & Nut bars.

Our own brand 

Otys Snacks