Ravensbergen Food has started in 1932 as “Banketbakker Ravensbergen” in Rijnsburg and became especially well-known because of the delicious almond rounds. Since 1967 our company is situated in Sassenheim. We specialised ourselves in cereal bars and crunchy granola bars. Ravensbergen Food is since 2012 a part of Haco AG, the reason that we can share knowledge and product developments with our two sister companies in Austria and Switzerland as member of the "Cereal Bar Group".

Private label & own brand

In our modern factory in Sassenheim, we produce cereal bars in many variations for private labels throughout Europe for well-known retailers such as Aldi, Lidl, Jumbo and Albert Heijn. Our own brand Muesli+ is also constantly being expanded with new flavours of cereal bars and crunchy cereal bars. With this we also offer customers who do not have their own brand the opportunity to enter the market. We want to be a partner for our customers and think along about possibilities to increase success in the assortment.


Cereal bars

We produce bars that are suitable for any time of the day: as a snack but also as a breakfast bar. We are happy to meet the customer with the development of the tastiest new products, with additives such as fruit pieces, nuts, seeds and chocolate. To make our cereal bars even more attractive and tasty, they can be provided with a yoghurt or chocolate base or covered with a yoghurt or chocolate drizzle. We also like to think about options to reduce the sugar, fat and salt content, without compensating for taste.


Crunchy granola bars

In our oven we bake the most delicious crunchy granola bars. These crunchy baked granola bars with at least 50% oats we produce for example in the following flavours: chocolate, cinnamon, honey, ginger and maple syrup. Crunchy granola bars are especially popular in the United Kingdom and United States of America, but conquer the rest of Europa very quickly. The bars are besides being healthy, because they don't contain artificial additives and are high in fibres, especially delicious.


We raise the bar!

Quality is one of our key priorities, next to producing the most delicious products for our clients. Employees follow trainings and work regarding the HACCP requirements. Suppliers must meet strict criteria and our products are produced to customer specific requirements. Please find more information on our Quality page.


Ravensbergen Food B.V. strives for Operational and Service Excellence in the production and selling of cereal bars and baked granola products in the middle and upper market segment. This means high output with a lot of structure and standardization for the daily routine for each employee and the flexibility to handle changes easily.