Looking for a bar to successfully enter the market? You can choose a bar from our assortment or we can develop something tailored to your specific needs.

In our laboratory we develop new flavour compositions and recipes. We advise on trends in flavours but also on  sugar substitution or possible nutritional improvements. We also develop products that are, for example, KETO, organic or vegan. In this way, our clients successfully respond to the latest consumer trends. We also think along with you in the field of packaging, logistics and marketing to increase success.

The order quantities for each newly developed recipe are in consultation. Please contact us via our contact form to discuss the possibilities or take a look at our assortment for more information about our bars.

Create your own product

The concept starts with a briefing to our sales department and product developers. 

The idea is worked out step by step and a choice is made for the technology used for the desired product. On the basis of the briefing, we can think along with this and advise which technology is best suited for the specific product.

Wij werken nauw samen met onze zusterbedrijven om kennis te delen om het gewenste product te ontwikkelen.


Type of product

Cereal bars

For cereal bars, the following shapes are possible in our production process: flat and dome.
The size and weight of the bar further depends on the type of ingredients. 

Baked granola bars

We have the option of wrapping the baked granola bars single or double in a wrapper.



Small (30 mm)

Dome reep.png

(30 mm)



Wide (35 mm)


Single pack

(37 mm)


Double pack

(37 mm)




We are happy to meet our customers with the development of the tastiest products with ingredients such as (puffed) grains, dried fruit pieces, nuts, spices, seeds and chocolate. These ingredients can be used both in the bars and as decoration on the bar, for example a chocolate drizzle or sprinkles.


Because the market demands more sustainability, we also use ingredients with sustainability labels such as UTZ Certified, Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade.


We also take into account the number of allergens in our products.



To make the bars even more delicious and attractive for consumers a drizzle or base could be added to the bar. It is also possible to sprinkle chocolate drops or freeze-dried fruit, or a combination of a drizzle or base and sprinkling of ingredients. 


RV-180314-00035 Chocolate.png

Chocolate sprinkles

Yoghurt drizzle

Fruit sprinkles


Chocolate coating

Chocolate base

RV-180314-00034 - Coconut.png

Chocolate coating

volledig gecoate reep.png


Next to a good product you can also enlarge your turnover with the presentation of your product. We can produce in SRP (shelf ready packaging) outer cases, so the products can be placed on the shelfs immediately. The skillets could be packed in displays, to attract attention in the shops. We also have the possibility to pack bars in small displays, those can be placed next to the checkout. We also have the possibillity to sell single bars in bulk packaging, for example 150 or 200 bars per outer case. 

For more information or questions about our possibilities you can contact us via the contact form. 

Single - twinpack.JPG

Single of double pack


Multipack consumer unit


Counter box


SRP outer carton





Own ideas?

Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibillities.​ Please also have a look at our own brand Muesli+ for some more inspiration.

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Haco Innovation Lab

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